Sadece Doğa! - Yücel Kerestecilik
Some Facts
* No forest is destroyed due to harvesting for decorative purposes.
* Only a few tree species can be used for decorative purposes.
* Just 1-5% of trees cut for decorative purposes can be manufactured into veneer, and only slightly more can be manufactured into lumber.
* 10% of the world's forests is enough for sustainable paper and timber production.
* More than half of the world's forests are used for fuel purposes.
* Forest areas are growing in industrial countires. More trees are replanted than harvested.
* Each tree consumes around 6kgs of carbondioxide per day, however this amount is lower in Unmanaged forests, due to young trees not being in abundance. Wood continues to absorb Co2, even after it is installed in houses and buildings.
* Wood production requires much less fossil fuel energy, compared to steel cement and similar building materials.
* For each cubic meter aluminum, 22 tonnes of carbondioxide is released into the atmosphere whereas in wood production, this number is only 0,015tonnes.